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Unveiling the Smiles of Tadcaster: We Are Accepting New Patients.

Bridge Street Dental Surgery, nestled in the heart of Tadcaster, proudly serves the

community with top-notch dental care. To make their services accessible and

transparent, we offer a clear fee structure and a valuable membership plan. Let's

delve into the details and see how Bridge Street Dental can help you achieve your

optimal oral health.

Navigating Treatment Costs:

The practice provides a comprehensive list of treatment fees on their website,

making it easy to understand the costs associated with various procedures. From

routine checkups and cleanings to advanced treatments like implants and crowns,

every option is clearly priced. Some highlights include:

  •  New patient consultation: £75 (includes small x-rays)

  •  Routine examination with scale and polish: £85

  •  Hygienist visits: Starting from £75

  •  Fillings: Starting from £90

  •  Composite bonding: Starting from £140

  •  Crowns: Starting from £580

  •  Dentures: Starting from £820 (acrylic) and £980 (chrome)

  •  Teeth whitening: £349

It's important to note that these are starting prices, and the final cost may vary

depending on individual needs and the complexity of the treatment.

Unlocking Value with Membership:

For those seeking regular dental care and preventive measures, Bridge Street

Dental offers a membership plan packed with benefits. Here's what you get:

  •  20% discount on all general and hygiene treatments

  •  Complimentary oral cancer screening with every examination

  •  Priority booking and extended surgery opening hours

  •  Free emergency appointments for registered members

  •  Exclusive access to dental health education resources

The membership fee can significantly reduce your dental expenses in the long run,

especially if you require regular checkups and cleanings.

Choosing the Right Path:

Whether you opt for individual treatments or the membership plan, Bridge Street

Dental prioritises transparency and affordability. Their fee structure is clear, and the

membership offers substantial savings for those seeking ongoing dental care.

By understanding Bridge Street Dental's fees and membership options, you can

make informed decisions about your oral health and invest in a brighter, healthier

smile. So, take the first step, schedule a consultation, and unveil your own Tadcaster


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