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Missing teeth? Don't let gaps hold you back! At Bridge Street Dental, we offer advanced dental implants to restore your smile and confidence. We handle everything from single tooth replacements to full mouth reconstructions.

Dental Implants
in Tadcaster

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws surgically placed in your jaw, acting as artificial tooth roots. They offer a permanent, natural-looking solution for missing teeth. We can use a ceramic implant for those patients who cannot tolerate metal are looking for a non-metal option. We are able to supply more information on this option on request.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

Renewed Confidence: Eat, speak, and laugh freely without worries about slipping dentures or gaps in your smile.

Enhanced Appearance: Prevent facial collapse and maintain a youthful profile.

Improved Oral Health: Restore chewing function and prevent bone loss caused by missing teeth.

Long-lasting Solution: With proper care, implants can last a lifetime.

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How Many Implants Do I Need?

The number depends on the missing teeth. We may use fewer implants than the number of teeth missing, maximizing efficiency. Eight implants can replace a full arch.

Once the implants integrate with your jawbone, we create custom-made teeth from natural-looking porcelain. These are securely attached to the implant for a seamless, beautiful smile.

The Treatment Process:
• Gentle Extraction: Minimising discomfort and preserving bone and gum tissue.

• Comfortable Procedure: Local anesthetic ensures minimal pain.

• Healing Period: Implants fuse with your jawbone for optimal stability (typically 3 months).

• Final Restoration: Crowns, bridges, or dentures are attached to the implants
for a complete smile.

Promoting Healing Through PRGF

Platelets Rich in Growth Factor (PRGF) is a relatively recent breakthrough in dentistry and the technology helps to repair the gum tissue around the bone by using your body’s own resources.

Growth factors are proteins which we all have and are naturally found in platelets, and by activating your platelets, we can stimulate and accelerate the tissue healing and regeneration process, effectively reducing healing time post treatment.

And, because it’s coming from your own body, it will never be rejected.
We use PRGF for a number of treatments here at Bridge Street Dental Practice including:
• post on extraction
• implant placement
• bone graft
• tissue graft
• sinus lifts
• …and much more.


Sounds scary? Don't worry! This procedure is typically completed within an hour and performed under local anesthesia. Most patients experience minimal discomfort and return to their daily routines quickly.

Welcome to Bridge Street Dental Surgery, Tadcaster, York.

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