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Oral Surgery Referrals at Bridge Street Dental

Based in our cutting-edge surgery in Tadcaster, Bridge Street Dental supports dentists in surrounding areas who need additional support for their patients and is now accepting referrals for:

Surgical extractions: impacted roots and wisdom teeth
Sinus lifts
Dental implants treatments
Surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatments
Advanced periodontal and peri-implant treatments
Gum surgery
Bone grafting procedures


Please contact us for more information or to discuss your case.

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Bridge Street Dental Surgery Logo-Transparent Background.png
Bridge Street Dental Surgery Logo-Transparent Background.png
Bridge Street Dental Surgery Logo-Transparent Background.png

Regenerative Medicine

PRGF-Endoret delivers a predictable and successful result every time, due to the specific technology within the BTI patented centrifugation and fractioning process.

Using this technique, the concentration of growth factors and purity of the plasma fractions - which are guaranteed not to contain leukocytes - is assured every time.

Some of the many benefits of PRGF-Endoret are;
100% autologous product with no adverse effects
Fast, successful regeneration of tissues (bone, soft tissue, dependent upon indication)
Accelerated tissue healing
Avoidance of pain and swelling
Sustained benefit over time

Single lot-number traceability with each sealed patient pack ensuring the highest
regulatory standards for quality and patient safety
Guaranteed purity and quality of blood collection and fractioning tubes, CE marked for safety (essential because the plasma is being reintroduced into the body)

About Dr Maria Cobo


Maria originally qualified in Madrid, Spain in 2009 and moved to the UK to practice as a dentist in 2010.

She spent the next 5 years working in both NHS and private general dental practices and has gone on to gain clinical experience in general dentistry as well as undertaking postgraduate studies around the World.

In 2014, Maria completed a 2 year diploma at Uclan University which instilled in her a solid understanding and skill set to deal with dental implants, she then followed this by achieving a MSc in oral surgery, dental implant and prosthodontics.
Since graduating, Maria has developed clinical experience in advanced and complex surgical and restorative procedures of dental implantology, completing a minimally soft tissue course with Dr Allen At Dallas University in 2018 where she gained invaluable experience in managing soft tissue in teeth and dental implants.

If that isn’t enough, Maria has completed a number of advanced implantology courses in the USA, Italy, Austria, Madrid, and Germany - who are widely considered to be world leaders in the field.

She also has qualifications in advanced periodontal, peri-implant, soft tissue and cosmetic and has developed a keen interest in developing laser therapy treatment in teeth and dental implant treatment which she uses for her surgical treatments.

Away from her exceptional work here at Bridge Street, Maria has a wide range of leisure interests including golf and skiing. She also likes to collaborate in countries with a lack of resources, and has provided basic dental treatment in Honduras, Nicaragua and Africa.

Bridge Street Dental Surgery Logo-Transparent Background.png
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