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Bridge Street Dental is proud to offer Waterlase dentistry, a revolutionary technology that combines the power of laser energy with a gentle stream of water. This innovative approach delivers numerous benefits for our patients, making dental care more comfortable, efficient, and precise.

Laser Treatment
in Tadcaster

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Unparalleled Comfort:

  • Ditch the drill anxiety! Waterlase uses a cool water spray to minimise heat, vibration, and pressure.

  • Many procedures require less or even no anesthesia, thanks to the gentle touch of the laser.

  • Many patients report feeling only a refreshing cooling sensation during treatment.


Enhanced Convenience:

  • Experience shorter appointments with Waterlase.

  • Multiple procedures can often be completed in a single visit, saving you valuable time.

  • Reduced reliance on anesthesia means less recovery time, allowing you to return to your day faster.


Exceptional Precision:

  • Waterlase removes decay with incredible accuracy, preserving more healthy tooth structure.

  • This precision helps prevent micro-fractures that can occur with traditional drilling methods.


A Multitude of Applications:

  • Smile Design: Achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile through gum sculpting with Waterlase. Remove excess gum tissue for a balanced appearance or correct irregularities in tooth size and shape.

  • Oral Lesion Removal: Safely and efficiently remove growths or excess tissue like fibromas, papillae (small gum tags), or unerupted tooth gum tissue.

  • Treating Tongue Tie & Gum Recession: Release tongue restrictions or address gum recession with minimal discomfort using Waterlase. This can improve speech issues related to tongue tie and even aid with breastfeeding for babies.

  • Cavity Treatment: Say goodbye to the drill! Waterlase removes decay with minimal pain or vibration, often requiring less or even no anesthesia.

  • Periodontal Disease Treatment: Combat gum disease by removing bacteria and debris between teeth and gums. Waterlase can be used for both mild and moderate cases.

  • Pediatric Dentistry: Waterlase offers a kinder, gentler approach for children. Less pain, fewer shots, and often just a cool water spray make dental visits a breeze. It's also ideal for frenectomies and tongue-tie procedures, promoting faster healing and minimising discomfort.

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