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Five reasons why you should book a hygienist appointment

It’s nearly that time of year again! Temperatures have dropped and the leaves are falling from the trees. It can only mean one thing: it’s time to crack out the multipack chocolate and sweets.

Whilst we don’t want to dampen you and your children’s fun, sugary treats can severely damage your oral health. Here are five reasons why you should book an oral health appointment:

1. Sugar is your dental arch nemesis

The effect of sugar on your teeth is too terrifying to bear! Snacking on your favourite treats sets off a vicious cycle - sugar molecules mix with your saliva, a combination which causes plaque to form on your teeth.

If it is left on your teeth for too long, the plaque could harden into calculus, causing decay and gum disease. Attending a hygienist appointment is an effective way to remove calculus deposits from your teeth, preventing them from causing long-term dental issues.

Bridge Street Dental Surgery is a private dentist in Tadcaster. We offer expert dental hygiene services such as scale and polish treatment, administered by our hygienist who has years of experience improving patients’ oral health.

2. Trick-or-treat snacking is worse than limited sugar consumption

Trick-or-treating means snacking on sweets all night long - and the next day, and the next day! Perhaps even for breakfast? Whilst this might sound like your child’s dream come true, it will be a nightmare for their dental health.

The worst thing about snacking is that it puts your teeth under constant attack. When bacteria break down sugar molecules, they release acids which dissolve your enamel - and this cycle is repeated each time you consume sugar.

Believe it or not, it's better to eat all your sweets in one go! Although your stomach might have something to say about it. This way, your teeth and enamel are protected against constant acid attacks.

If you’ve already spent a few days snacking on sugary treats, then booking an appointment at Bridge Street Dental Surgery is the best way to control the damage.

3. You should book an appointment every six months

Post-Halloween OR Christmas isn’t the only time you should schedule a dentist or hygienist appointment. You should aim to get one in the diary around every six months, or as recommended by your dentist or hygienist. This way, we can prevent the gradual build-up of plaque and tartar.

Has it been a while since you (or your child) have had your teeth cleaned? Then take this as your sign to schedule an appointment at our local dentist in Tadcaster. If your teeth didn’t need some TLC before, they will now!

4. Alcohol has the same effect as sweets!

Just because you haven’t been trick-or-treating doesn’t mean you’re exempt! Perhaps you’ve attended Halloween parties and sipped on one-too-many sugary alcoholic drinks. Many of these contain high quantities of sugar and acid, which is the double whammy of dental damage!

Steer clear of sugary cocktails if you can and stick to spirits mixed with soda. If you don’t manage to swerve the sweetness, book a hygienist appointment to practise some much-needed damage control for your oral health.

5. Sugar damage can cause staining

Maintaining a healthy smile isn’t the only reason to book a hygienist appointment. The bacteria produced when you consume sugar wear away your enamel, which means it can cause superficial stains to form.

A good scale and polish can help to restore your teeth to their former glory, but you might need further treatment. As an expert dentist in Tadcaster, we offer cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and composite bonding to remove stains quickly and effectively.

Where can I book an appointment near me?

The hygiene therapist at our practice is Kelly Tatchell. She isn’t just qualified in dental treatments to keep your teeth clean and improve your oral health, but as a therapist, she can administer some cosmetic treatments too.

We’re now welcoming new patients at Bridge Street Dental Surgery, and we would love to meet you! If you want to minimise the effects of sugar on your teeth, get in touch today.

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