Teeth Whitening with a professional system at an affordable price

Teeth whitening step by step Instructions
Please find attached a link to step by step instructions to at home Teeth Whitening.
The practice uses a professional dental brand of whitening gel "Optident" Only the best for our patients.
Step by step Teeth Whitening instruction[...]
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We use a home whitening technique in the practice to provide a minimally invasive procedure to give you a confident smile.


A smile consultation can be provided in the practice to see if whitening is suitable for you for FREE on all existing Practice Plan Patient's and at only £40 for New Patient's which includes X-rays, Scale and Polish.


Teeth Whitening is on a LIMITED OFFER £195!


We use Professional Whitening kits called "Optident Opalscence" The whitening gel comes in 3ml syringes at 10% carbamide peroxide and can be bought at 16%.


If you have had professional trays made previously, please bring these to your consultation, where 

Robert Eades's will check the fit of the trays and we will be able to provide you with refill teeth whitening syringes at only £12.50.


If you are suitable for teeth whitening we would take an impression which requires a 20 minute appointment. The impressions are then transferred to our laboratory, where vacuum formed trays are made to fit your mouth. Two days later your trays are ready to be fitted. Robert Eades provides you with your professional whitening kit and goes through the instructions of use. Pre operative photographs are taken and your current shade recorded.


Whitening is required to be done for approximately 2 weeks for over 2 hours per night. This procedure may need to be re done 6-12 months later depending on your diet.

Re fill syringes are only £12.50 for Exsisting Practice Plan Patient's we normal recommend one syringe per arch.


After 3 weeks we would arrange a review appointment to take further photographs and review your shade change, this is FREE of charge.


Our whitening trays are made by a laboratory registered under the medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency (MHRA). The MHRA produces specific regulatory guidance for manufacturers of dental appliances and prostheses.


Moldable trays or refill bleach from the internet is not recommended. The trays will not fully fit or mould to your mouth which may cause gum irritation. The whitening gel may cause whitening spots on your teeth. Whitening is only to be carried out by dental professionals.


Please phone Sue or Nicola for further details on 01937 833416 or use our contact form.

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