Protecting your teeth against sports!


Gum shields are very important for contact sports such as rugby, hockey, martial arts and boxing.


We construct custom made gum shields to reduce the chance of having an injury to your teeth. 


Gum shields work by absorbing and distributing the force of an impact. We take accurate moulds of your mouth to optimise this effect, these impressions are then sent away.


Our gum shields are manufactured by a dental laboratory that specialise in dental sports appliances. "Hanham dental" vacuum form your trays.


Our mouth guards start from £85. We have a range of different colours for you to choose, from clear to all the colours in the rainbow and more. Mouth guards can be one colour, multi colour,stripes, checks… 


Please check out our lab technicians photo gallery:


Your name, school, college or club can be added to the tray and container to ensure you don't loose them, this is FREE of charge.


Our trays take approximately 1 week from start to finish, but please phone if you require them sooner, we are more than happy to help.


Please remember the following:

  • Mouth guards from sports shops will not fully protect your teeth as they have not been customise to your mouth. This could cause tooth loss if you had an injury.
  • Please ensure if you do have mouth guards, that you do not eat or drink just before you put them in as you may cause dental decay. Its good to rinse them after every use under cold water.
  • If your child has a mouth guard bring it to every examination appointment so the dentist can check it still fits correctly.


If you have any further questions please phone Sue or Nicola on 01937 833416 or use our contact form.



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