Extractions are not a frightening experience


All the team at Bridge Street Dental Surgery understand that having a tooth taken out is an upsetting experience for any patient and previous experiences or stories may have put you off.


Having a tooth out may be required for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Gum disease which causes the tooth or teeth to be mobile.  This may cause pain or a gum abscess.
  • The tooth has become infected inside which may cause a deep throbbing tooth ache. Root canal treatment may be an option.
  • The tooth has fractured inside and this would cause the tooth to be painful to bite on.

Symptoms and a diagnosis will be confirmed before treatment commences.


Before we do any treatment a topical anaesthetic will be applied prior to ease the injection, we will place plenty of local anaesthetic prior to commencing treatment.


On removal of the tooth the sensation will only feel like pressure, nothing more.


If you feel uncomfortable throughout any of the treatment, please raise your hand up we will calmly come away and check you are alright.


Before you go, we will ensure everything is okay and go through our post operative instructions.


Replacing the gap will be discussed prior to the extraction. 


Please phone Sue or Nicola on 01937 833416 or use our contact form for any further questions.



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Last edited 24/11/2021