Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Replacement of two unaesthetic crowns with all-ceramic crowns


Whilst we are not a practice that wants to veneer and crown everything, We have studied and understand what makes an attractive smile.


Simple treatments such as non-invasive composite additions can make a huge difference in the ability of a patient to confidently smile.


Where indicated, advanced restorative care including veneers and crowns can be placed to provide an aesthetic smile.


We have the latest technology in the practice including an operative microscope, to modern impression materials and temporary crowns.


Crowns can be provided from £390 per tooth using all ceramics, white porcelain crowns or gold.


Bridges can replace multiple gaps by either preparing adjacent teeth or non invasive treatment by bonding a wing to the adjacent teeth, this requires minimal preparation. Bridges can be provided from £390.


Veneers can either be provided in Porcelain or in Composite. Componeer veneers are the latest technology in dentistry and can be placed from £99 per tooth with minimal preparation and in just one appointment.


A New Patient Consultation at £40 which includes all X-rays required, will provide you with a written treatment plan and a honest opinion on cosmetic to essential treatment.

Replacement of discoloured lower crowns

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