We provide Invisalign at the practice with Colette, a discreet orthodontic treatment which uses a series of custom-made clear aligners to gradually improve your concerns. The treatment is suitable for adults providing an alternative to brackets and wires.

The aligners can be taken out, so you can maintain your brushing as normal and eat with comfort.

Treatment stages step by step

  • If you are a suitable for the treatment we will take some impressions and photos and collect information about your teeth.
  • We then use 3D technology to create a treatment plan for you. This means we can show you how your teeth will move and also how they will look after treatment.
  • When the aligners are ready, you will wear a different one every few weeks until the carefully controlled force shifts your teeth to a better position. You may feel minor discomfort when a new aligner is fitted but this is usually just a feeling of pressure and a good indicator that the treatment is working.
  • Treatment times will vary depending on your individual issue, but most cases are completed in 6 months. As the aligners only work while you are actually wearing them, we recommend they are kept in place for 22–24 hours per day.


Patient information Invisalign

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