Gentle Dentistry


The phrase ‘gentle dentistry’ describes our approach to all of our patients.

Robert Eades our Principal Dentist, who treats all our Private nervous and phobic patients, has built his dental approach around these four key areas: His dental skill; investment in new technologies; the techniques he uses; and the overall customer experience.

If you suffer from a dental phobia, it can sometimes be helpful to consider choosing your dentist in these four areas. 

Does your dentist have specific training?


Most dentists will probably tell you that their treatment is gentle – after all, you would like to think that every dentist tries their best to be as gentle with their patients as possible. However, ‘gentle dentistry’ as a phrase now means more.

Dentists and Dental Professionals have access to far more training and knowledge about how to treat patients who are anxious about pain or phobic about dentistry.

Robert Eades and the team perform sophisticated behavioural management techniques, which helps all our patients to relax.

Robert is more sensitive to how his patients are feeling and he is able to adjust his own behaviour and approach to suit different patients and put them at ease. For example if you need an injection, the less tension you are in your body, then the easier the injection will be.

Does your dentist invest in new technology?


Dentistry has progressed in recent years and much of the new technology developed in the US and has been adopted at Bridge Street Dental Surgery.

This technology is specifically designed to make dentistry easier and more comfortable for patients. 

We believe the phrase ‘gentle dentistry’ involves building the practice around technology which enables us to give our patients choice over their treatment. 

Does your dentist recommend new treatments?


The ability to build a rapport with patients is critical in gentle dentistry concept.

We believe in spending more time with our patients and discovering more about how you want to be treated and ensuring that you feel comfortable before the treatment progresses.

Some dental phobic patients prefer small steps and we understand this matters a great deal and in this case we may need to schedule treatment over a number of visits.

For some, their phobia means that they just want their treatment over and done with as soon as possible , so they need their treatment compressed into just one visit.

Does your dentist have a welcoming practice?


At Bridge Street Dental Surgery we are concerned with how our patients feel. This is not solely focused on quality of your treatment. But on the quality and the overall patient experience.

We believe as the patient, it is up to you to decide what works for you. Some phobic patients find their anxiety levels increase considerably in the waiting room. Therefore when requested we will bring our patients straight through to the treatment room, rather than a waiting room.

Other phobia sufferers find it hard to relax in the chair. So we have choices of relaxing music and a TV in the surgery and a relaxing environment surrounding.

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