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Information on Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Call out Cover





Dental Trauma

Repays the cost of dental treatment provided in respect of the trauma

Subject to treatment limits and   £10,000 cap per trauma.

Excess depends on trauma type

Emergency Callout

Refunds costs incurred to obtain   immediate pain relief

Benefits range depending on timing of   callout and whether this is in the UK or abroad.

Permanent Facial Disfigurement

Payment of between £50 and £100   depending on the length of the scar

Payable where scarring is still visible 12 months after a dental trauma.


£50 payable for each full 24 hour   period admitted as an in-patient as a direct result of a dental trauma

No benefit payable for the first 24   hours and payable for a maximum period of 365 days.

Oral Cancer

£2500 lump sum paid on diagnosis of   oral cancer as the primary site by a medical specialist



Membership premiums for the patient   and any dependants will be paid following compulsory redundancy for a maximum   of 12 months

Payable after the first month of   unemployment subject to provision of evidence of actively seeking work.   Monthly benefit capped at £15 for individuals or £60 for groups


Full details of benefit entitlement and how to make a claim are in the policy holder’s policy documents.


Claims should be notified within 60 days of occurrence.


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